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Map your products and services so your customers can find them. Easily manage and display locations or distributors on any site.

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Go Beyond Basic Maps

Create beautiful, highly performant, user-friendly maps - customize for your needs and deploy with a few clicks.

Performance From the Ground Up

Our maps can handle thousands of locations at once, all while retaining responsiveness and fluidity.

Customize for Any Style

Use the map builder to adjust your map's look and feel. Take it one step further and customize with CSS for a truly unique experience.

Analytics and Insights

Want to know your most popular locations? We've got you. Need to see how many hits your map is getting? No problem. What are your visitors searching for? Got that too.


Boldmapper comes with all the tools and functionality you need to create, manage and analyze your maps and locations.

Easy import

Import thousands of locations using our flexible import tool. Simply select which fields are applicable to your locations and you're off to the races.

Analytics suite

Gain insight into your visitors' behavior and search habits to help improve service coverage or inform your expansion plans.

Search & filtering

Our maps come ready with location-aware autocomplete search. Custom tags allow users to filter down to exactly the locations they need.

Reliable geocoding

We leverage multiple comprehensive data sources to ensure your locations are geocoded with the highest accuracy possible.

Store hours

Set your locations' weekly availability times and we will display it to visitors in real-time based on their current timezone.

Privacy first

We respect your privacy, and the privacy of your visitors, so we'll never collect unneeded data or track your users across the web.

Works on Any Platform

Whether its an e-commerce service or your own custom website, you can rest assured that our embeds will work as expected.

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  • Up to 100 locations
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  • Store hours
  • Custom location fields
  • Analytics
  • Whitelabel
  • Priority support
$49 per month
  • Up to 50,000 locations
  • Custom map styles
  • Bulk import tool
  • Inventory with Square
  • Store hours
  • Custom location fields
  • Analytics
  • Whitelabel
  • Priority support