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Custom Marker Uploads, Resizing, and Anchoring



Today's release adds several map customization options, allowing you to further personalize the look and feel of your markers. The main highlights in this update include:

  • Custom marker uploads: you can now upload any PNG, JPG, or SVG image and turn it into a marker for your map. Perfect for logos or markers with complex visual needs.
  • Marker resizing: you can now specify an exact size for your marker, granting you pixel-perfect control over its presence on the map.
  • Anchoring: this allows you to set which part of your marker image should point to its coordinate location (e.g. a circle-shaped marker could be anchored at its center while a teardrop-style marker could anchor to the bottom).

In addition to the above changes, we've also introduced several behind-the-scenes improvements for better performance and stability.